Express-configuration release of KidLogger PRO

Apr 28, 2016

Dear parents, for your convenience, we have published a new version of KidLogger PRO for Android with simplified configuration. Now after the installation, you need just to click one button and write your e-mail. All the settings are optimized by default.

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10 rules for kids internet safety

Apr 4, 2016

Each child's life can not do without certain rules. This may be the unspoken rules and the foundations of the family, as well as the documented rules of social behavior. And kids know that the red light on the road can not move, so they need to know the rules of behavior in the network. It is important that children understand their own responsibility. And parents do not have to follow the child through the phone.

rules for kids internet safety

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5 Myths and Truths About Kids' Internet Safety

Mar 15, 2016

If you believe everything you hear about kids online, you might think pedophiles and cyberbullies are around every cyber-corner. Yes, there is bad stuff out there. But the truth is, there's a lot of good, and some experts are arguing against a "techno-panic mindset" that worries parents unnecessarily. The bottom line is that we can't keep our kids safe if we don't know the facts. Here are the five most popular myths about Internet safety -- and the truths that can set your worries free.

Kids' Internet Safety

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Google has launched a new safe search web site for kids. It's called Kiddle

Mar 2, 2016

Child Safety on the Internet to a new level - and this is already starting to appear special and safe search engines for small and young Internet users. Search engine Kiddle established on the basis of Google, but it allows you to give the results of queries that are focused exclusively on children.


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Sergey Mocan: "If a child is left in the Internet, then the parents initially behaved improperly"

Feb 29, 2016

Sergey Mocan - a teacher, a mentor, a tutor. The man who had created a unique school, which is unique in the CIS countries is simply not found. His approach to the training and education of children can truly be called a real alternative to traditional schools of Moldova.

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Compulsive gambling children: what to do?

Feb 22, 2016

Computer and video game addiction in children - a very common phenomenon. Especially when you consider that computers, tablets and game consoles is in almost every home. The world does not stand still, and every year more and more gadgets is part of our lives, and at the same time and in the lives of young children and adolescents. Fully protect them from unwanted exposure is virtually impossible, and therefore there is a risk of gambling addiction. However, according to experts, each parent has a good chance to make a child's life interesting and exciting, and no computer games.

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Parental Time Control for Android

Nov 3, 2015

We’ve created a completely new application to keep watch over your children and ensure their safety on Android devices: Parental Time Control. Now you’ll have less reasons to worry about your children’s safety.

This program will help save children from addiction to games and web surfing, or prevent such addiction from arising. Their eyes will no longer be under severe strain, and they will be headache-free. They’ll have more time for their studies, exercise, and outdoor activities.

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How to monitor all the users on a PC

Jul 6, 2015

Many customers ask, how to trace the activity of all the users. Often KidLogger application monitors only one user, especially that, where it was installed. But child's profile remains to be without control. The cause is in particularities of Windows OS and KidLogger application. In this article we'll explain what to do.

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New features of Kidlogger PRO for Android

Jun 25, 2015

Today we have released a new version of Keystroke-recording module for Android 4 and newer.

Now it can records the messages in 11 popular messengers:   IMO, Skype, Facebook, Line, Viber, Whatsapp, Kik, Hike, BBM, Tango and KakaoTalk. Hope you'll love this feature.

A new option has appeared in Maps analytics.


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