Parental Time Control for Android Nov 3, 2015

We’ve created a completely new application to keep watch over your children and ensure their safety on Android devices: Parental Time Control. Now you’ll have less reasons to worry about your children’s safety.

This program will help save children from addiction to games and web surfing, or prevent such addiction from arising. Their eyes will no longer be under severe strain, and they will be headache-free. They’ll have more time for their studies, exercise, and outdoor activities.

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How to monitor all the users on a PC Jul 6, 2015

Many customers ask, how to trace the activity of all the users. Often KidLogger application monitors only one user, especially that, where it was installed. But child's profile remains to be without control. The cause is in particularities of Windows OS and KidLogger application. In this article we'll explain what to do.

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New features of Kidlogger PRO for Android Jun 25, 2015

Today we have released a new version of Keystroke-recording module for Android 4 and newer.

Now it can records the messages in 11 popular messengers:   IMO, Skype, Facebook, Line, Viber, Whatsapp, Kik, Hike, BBM, Tango and KakaoTalk. Hope you'll love this feature.

A new option has appeared in Maps analytics.


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Employee monitoring and time tracking with StaffCounter Mar 24, 2015

We are proud to offer you our new service It track employee’s time and screenshots.

StaffCounter allows you to monitor the quality of your employees’ work at the computer.
StaffCounter provides information on employees’ activities at their computers during working hours: time sheets and time-tracking, screenshots and web history.

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How to monitor WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook messages. Feb 24, 2015

Dear users of Android mobiles!

We have added an experimantal function in KidLogger PRO for Android to record the incoming and outgoing messages in Whatsapp, Skype and Viber.

To make it active, install the new version of  Kidlogger PRO for Android from our site and install "Screen Text Capturer" apk.

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Recording typed keystrokes log (SoftKeyboardPRO replacement) Oct 26, 2014

Updated: 27 October/2014

Dear users, we are glad to publish  new version of KidLogger 1.6 for Android phones and tablets that allows to record typed keystrokes without changing input method.

New experimental feature code name is Screen Text Capturer and it is available with KidLogger 1.6 (PRO version).

"Screen Text Capturer" features:

  • It logs text entered both by Voice recognition and typed in any other input method or on-screen keyboard;
  • Does not replace standard virtual keyboard, does not install additional input method;
  • Support devices with external keyboards also (slide out keyboards, connected by USB, wireless);
  • Records incoming and outgoing messages in Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, Line and Facebook messenger (Android 4.0 and newer);
  • Restarts the Kidlogger PRO, if it was stopped by some application or system.
  • It is compatible with Android OS 2.* - 4.*
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Protect your privacy with encryption apps May 30, 2014

Worried about privacy and data security?
Have a lot of confidential files on your computer/mobile and want to keep them in secret?
Then use serious encryption software. Here is the KidLogger data privacy tips and encryption software recommendations.


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Online parental responsibility Nov 18, 2013

Thousands of parents are exposing their children to online risks by setting up social networking accounts for them, a charity has warned.
The National Children’s Bureau said that 45 per cent of parents with pre-teenage children have set up a Facebook account on their behalf, flouting the rules banning under-13s from using the site.

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iOS/Android phones location history Oct 29, 2013

Most smartphones tracks their locations by GPS coordinates or WiFi points. This information is not new. iPhone running iOS 7 and any Android phone is capable of doing this.

We want to show what is the difference between this features and KidLogger feature "Location history":

1. Native "Location history" feature in iOS 7 or Android 4.2 /4.2 may be unavailable in your Country thus could be disabled.


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New keyboard for Android, BlackBerry update and more... Aug 29, 2013

Dear users, last few month we were working hardly and now we could announce a few interesting things for you. Also the major success for us for these days is that KidLogger 1.5 for Android was allowed by Google for Play Market, it means it fully comply with Android OS application and content policy.

Whats new in a brief:

  1. engine update, Basic accounts now can hold 8 days of history. For parents it means that they need to verify the things in kidlogger just for a once a week.
    New dashboard will be introduced soon - it allows to verify the entire productivity picture at a glance for just a few seconds.
  2. KidLogger for Android updates. New Keyboard (SoftKeyboard PRO replacement) based on stock Android OS v.4.0 keyboard source code specially customized for kidlogger (PRO membership only) and more..
  3. KidLogger v.1.1 for BlackBerry OS was updated. Bug fixing release.
  4. KidLogger for Windows was updated.
  5. KidLogger v1.3. for Mac OS X was updated. Bug fixing release. DropBox support was removed due to DropBox API and UI policy changes.
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