First release for BlackBerry

Great news for BlackBerry users and fans!

We did it! Very soon, BlackBerry App World will get renewed with Kidlogger for BlackBerry OS 5.0 (6.0 and higher). KidLogger is the most featured time tracking software.Kidlogger monitors users' activity step by step, records and uploads data to the server.

Kidlogger for BlackBerry

KidLogger is the most featured time tracking software. Automated and simple. Convenient for supervising kids or tracking the working time of employees. Also allows to monitor their activity on the phone. Whenever your employee works on a PC, Mac or phone, all the data about their working and productivity will become available in your account.

KidLogger keeps the user activity data on the phone for 5 days or uploads it securely to your account on

Use cases:
1. Parental Control - Keep your children safe in cyberspace
2. Find out who your child is talking to over the phone or when in cyberspace
2. Employee Time Tracking and monitoring.
4. Tracking your BlackBerry phone location by GPS

It’s easy: 

  1. Register on
  2. Add device in your online account
  3. Configure preinstalled application in the target phone  
  4. Start receiving information. You can overview uploaded data from any place at any time.

KidLogger for BlackBerry Features list:

  • Records in/out coming calls – overview the phone number and optionally contact name (as it is registered in the phone’s contacts list).
  • Records in/out coming SMS – shows the phone number and optionally contact name, gives opportunity to overview the SMS text.
  • Logs used Applications – list of the applications launched on the phone.
  • Tracks phone location – overview location through the Google Map. 

Download Kidlogger directly from BlackBerry App World

System requirements: BlackBerry OS 5.0 or higher

The list of supported models:

Curve 9320, 9220, 9380, 9370, 9360, and 9350; Curve 3G 9330, 9300, 8530, 8520;

Bold 9650, 9700, 9780, 9790; Bold Touch 9900, 9930Pearl 3G 9105, 9100, Pearl Flip 8230

Torch 9810, 9860, 9850, 9800;

Storm 9500, 9530; Storm2 9520, 9550; Storm3; Style 9670; Porsche Design P 9981

Install Now via OTA or Download ZIP file (cod and alx file)

How to

In order to use kidlogger application on BlackBerry you will need to do the following steps:

  1. Performing the OTA (Over the Air) download and installation of kidlogger application is easy. The direct link to download Kidlogger for BlackBerry -
  2. The new application will be unpacked and installed by your BlackBerry Browser and your new application will become available in your applications list. Or you may use BlackBerry Desktop Manager
  3. Follow the supplied link ( from within your BlackBerry Browser and follow all the instructions that appear on your screen.
  4. Run kidlogger from the application folder.
  5. Choose Option to configure monitoring process and to set data upload on server.
  6. Register on - add the device in the dashboard in your created account.
  7. The server will generate the ID number. Please, fill in ID number from your online account onto your device (BlackBerry phone).
  8. Press Start button to begin monitoring process to meet your individual needs, whether it is Parental Control, Staff Monitoring or just your personal diary journal.    
  9. Log in kidlogger account to overview the user activity from any device and from any place where Internet connection is available.

Read more about KidLogger for BlackBerry

Here you can find tutorials, articles and announcements about KidLogger SAS: what new features we’ve implemented, how to install Kidlogger, and how to set up user monitoring for different platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and iOS.

We’re happy to hear any suggestions you might have about improving KidLogger.

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“Never leave kids and employees unsupervised.”