Breaking news for iPhone users!

One more platform goes on “Kidlogger stage” - welcome to iOS devices. Kidlogger team is planning to release parental control application for jailbreaking Apple iPhone and iPad. The new application will appear at the end of this summer.

Kidlogger for iOS

Security Parental Control application implements the following features:

  1. Kidlogger for iPhone will record calls – the number/name from the contact list, time when user received or made calls.
  2. Kidlogger application will be able to track incoming/outgoing SMS.
    The number and name of the contact, the text of the SMS.    
  3. Kidlogger records the GPS Location – you will be able to see where your child is. Direct-on-line with Google Maps. Click on the link from your kidlogger account to have the visited places lined up.
  4. Logs the Application launched on the phone – as a parent you can overview played games, the applications downloaded from the Apple Store without pestering your kids.  Use your registered online account on!  Analytics is a real time option of our service.

Supported platforms: iOS4, iOS5;

Why do you need Kidlogger?

  • Time tracking – shows how often your device is used, the level of the user activity, total hours during the day, idle time and the average hours per day/week/month.   
  • In case your device is stolen – you can see the GPS location from your online account. Find out where the device is located at the moment.
  • Children surveillance – protect your children from unwanted waste of money, from violent applications they can download from the Apple Market or from getting involved in dangerous events through the Internet. Don’t forget that today’s children are tech savvy.   
  • Personal diary – Overview how you use your device, itemize the monthly activity.

Coming soon...

Here you can find tutorials, articles and announcements about KidLogger SAS: what new features we’ve implemented, how to install Kidlogger, and how to set up user monitoring for different platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and iOS.

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