How to install and use Kidlogger for Blackberry

Register your free web account on Create new device in the dashboard:

  1. Type the name of device: computer, notebook you are going to monitor.  
  2. Press “Add computer”, the server will generate the ID for the new created device. The device ID is located near the device name, below you can see an example of ID shaped with orange.   

In case you leave “Device name” field blank, the ID and the name will be the same.


After you have created Device ID you can set up KidLogger Application, follow the instruction:

  1. Performing the OTA (Over the Air) download and installation of Kidlogger application is easy. The direct link to download Kidlogger for BlackBerry -
  2. The new application will be unpacked and installed by your BlackBerry Browser and your new application will become available in your applications list. Or you may use BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
  3. Follow the supplied link ( from within your BlackBerry Browser and follow all the instructions that appear on your screen.
  4. Run Kidlogger from the application folder, press Settings.
  5. Choose Option to configure monitoring process and to set data upload on server.
  6. Please, fill in the ID number from your online account onto your BlackBerry phone.
  7. Press Start button to begin monitoring process to meet your individual needs, whether it is Parental Control, Staff Monitoring or just your personal diary journal.    
  8. Log in Kidlogger account to overview the user activity from any device and from any place where Internet connection is available.
  • On BlackBerry 10 Find the Kidlogger application on the screen. Press and hold the icon of the application. When it begins to tremble, press on the recycle bin in the upper-right corner of the icon
  • On earlier versions of Blackberry: Open Options,
  • on Blackberry OS 6.0 select Settings, Device, Apps manager, Kidlogger
  • on Blackberry OS 5.0 select Settings, Applications, Third Party, Kidlogger