Log facebook, yahoo mail or gmail password

Hi all,
Sometimes you ask our support - "Where can I see the facebook, yahoo mail or gmail password saved in the Log file?".
Please note in most cases Firefox, Chrome, Opera or any other web browser save your passwords for you in other cases web site itself remembers your login and thus performs auto-login as you come again. So nowadays  in most cases user DO NOT enter password manually by using a keyboard.

Current version of KidLogger application (Win & Mac) is able to record only the text typed by the keyboard, and in a few cases it can record the text from the application (Skype chat).And even record the passwords and login name in case you enter it manually.  Most frequent browser already saved users names and passwords and auto-fill  feature comes into action.  That’s why it doesn’t  record loging data from the login field.  

Look at the screenshot for explanation:
Firefox remembered my login for Facebook.com and I just need to double click on the login field to auto enter login and password -
KidLogger does not record the text from these fields.

record facebook password

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