Kidlogger.net is a new generation of Parental Control, Employee Monitoring and Time Tracking service. Automated and simple. Convenient for tracking kids and working time of employees. Whenever your employee or Kid works on a PC, Mac or mobile phone - all the data about their working activity or virtual life life will become available in your account.

KidLogger robot logo user activity monitor for Windows, Mac and Android

- Applications and websites usage tracking
- Periodic Screenshots and web camera shots.
- Phone tracking: In\Out calls, SMS
- Track phone coordinates by GPS or Wifi
- Photo camera usage statistics
- and more...

Kidlogger user activity monitoring software is freeware and open-source for Windows, Mac and Android (BlackBerry, iOS very soon).

KidLogger.net web service is free with additional paid services.

We do our best to make the service secure and confidential. We can guarantee the confidentiality of your data with paid services that include additional password protection and data encryption.

About KidLogger team

KidLogger team is located in the Republic of Moldova and is a subsidiary of Tesline-Service S.R.L. company. Tesline-Service S.R.L. is best known as a vendor of PC data security products branded under "Rohos" trademark.

Initially KidLogger was a small and tiny freeware Kid Monitoring application for Windows. In 2009 Tesline-Service s.r.l. acquired KidLogger brand and started a new venture based on this project. Our future plans are focused on making innovative and cross-platform Parental Control service with security features.

Tesline-Service s.r.l. head office:
10, Calea Iesilor str.
MD-2069, Chisinau.
Republic of Moldova
Tel.: (+373 22) 740-242 (no tech. support, business and sales inquiries only)
Fax: (+373 22) 740-233
Office work hours: 9:00-17:00 (GMT:+3:00)

Partnership and Affiliate prohram

We offer a great partnership programs. Build your own bussiness by using our technology: User Activity Monitoring engine for Windows, Mac, Android , Symbian, iOS. We provide SDK, source code or custom developing. How to become a KidLogger affiliate.

Site translation.

If you want to translate our site in your native language, let us know.


If you noticed KidLogger application running on your device without your consent, you may inform us about this case. We do not support illegal usage of KidLogger service and prevent this. Please send us a message with Your name and Device ID (Device ID can be found in the application options or settings dialog box). We will block the account holder and delete all information about your device. 

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