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Dear users,

It took us a few days while working hard on KidLogger.net updates. We did our best for the website to be available for our users during update process and still it was offline for a short period. Due to server overload we had to handle two things simultaneously – to update the site and migrate it to a new server. As a result at 31/01 our website was offline for 6 hours. Now, KidLogger is supported by a more powerful Dedicated Server.

Just imagine, it took just one year for our KidLogger.net to become so popular (wihout any Ads). The growing server overload caused our website’s  migration from Shared Hosting account to a Dedicated Server (located at Germany now at Hetzner).
Thank you for being with us!

What is new on the website:

1. All the Analytics pages have been improved.
For instance, the Web page will show now how many unique sites (Total Sites) were used by the user and display a number of site visits (Total Visits).
For instance, the user could use only two unique sites (say, facebook.com and youtube.com), and visit them throughout the day. Though, the number of Total Visits can be much bigger. This figure reflects how often the user travels in cyberspace.

2. Now, the Standard and Professional members of our website have possibility to upload reserved copies of Activity Journals to their PCs (only HTML files for the time being).

3. We’ve refined on Messages Analytics procedure: now it displays all Skype contact names and the number of all Skype messages sent. The given Analytics page collects all the Skype chat logs from the Activity Journal for a certain period, sorts them out and then displays them grouped by Contact names.

4. In case the targeted device is a mobile phone – the Messages Analytics will show how many contacts were used for communication (calls or SMS) as well as how many calls or SMS were produced. The total amount of calls reveals how intensively the phone is used.

5. Dashboard page now contains the date and time of the last Activity Journal upload. Also the device may have a "green target" icon - meaning it is On now (uploaded log data just a few minutes ago).     

6. Some improvements were made in the Admin Control Panel that helps us to be quick and more effective while giving support requested as well as providing the whole service.    

Known issues:

- Due to the error a very small interval of Activity Journals of December 14th is displayed under the year of 2019. If your Log View shows the Journal of 2019 you can easily switch the Journal display back to normal by selecting the year 2012.

- If you have noticed that some reports do not come to your email try to edit them – deactivate them and then activate again.

What we are working on now:

-    Coordinates display with the help of google maps – it will soon be possible to view all the Coordinates on the map (within certain period of time). It allows you to see visually the user’s movement trajectory. Bear in mind that many phones based on Android OS determine location with the help of Wi-Fi by default (it gives approximate coordinates with an error of up to 500 meters /1640 ft), and GPS Module is not involved here. It means that a map can provide you only with approximate location of a person.
-    Analytics of the text typed. It allows you to find out in what apps the targeted user types texts most often and what those texts are mainly about. It also allows you to reveal the amount of the text typed within a certain period of time.
-    Identifying the category of the sites visited. So KidLogger.net will be able to show you the Scope of Interests of your Kid.
-    Apps improvements – support for RIM BlackBerry and Apple iPhone (iOS)
-    Other improvements

If you have any ideas to share or you have something to add on the KidLogger.net features list go ahead and let us know.

Here you can find tutorials, articles and announcements about KidLogger SAS: what new features we’ve implemented, how to install Kidlogger, and how to set up user monitoring for different platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and iOS.

We’re happy to hear any suggestions you might have about improving KidLogger.

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